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This month, we challenge you to tackle your entryway and create an organised space that makes leaving the house easier, and coming home a little more zen. To help you get started, we'll be exploring the following 5 ingredients of a functional entryway.


1. More space for storing shoes

No matter how much closet space you have around the house, it's natural to want shoes right by the door. Who doesn't want them waiting for you when you're ready to head out? Here are a few stylish and affordable options for organizing the piles of shoes that often end up at the front door.


PROMENADE bench  brings a sophisticated Nordic feel to the entryway with natural wood and white perforated metal. The shelf is perfect for shoe storage and the bench gives you somewhere to sit while putting them on.


IMELDA is a stackable shelf made of metal and vinyl mesh. It will keep shoes tidy at any entrance.

If you are lucky enough to have closets near your entrances, we have a few great products that can be hung inside to store extra shoes you need close by. Two of our favourites are ENFOLD and POCKETTA. Both have openings for more than 10 items. That's 10 pairs of shoes neatly tucked away!

2. More space for hanging

It's important when designing a functional entryway that you have enough space for jackets, sweaters, hats, bags and scarves that you will want to store by the front door. If not, you know someone is likely to leave these items on the floor at some point during the week. Fortunately, whether looking for something that can be hung on the wall or a stand alone coat rack there are many options that will help you add function without sacrificing style.


The wall mounted hooks featured above are great for any black and white or black and walnut colour schemes. LOOPY (top left) is both playful and sophisticated lending itself to many different decor styles. FLIP (top middle) is an Umbra staple loved by many for the seamless functionality. BRELLA (top right) is a utilitarian metal hook with soft touch padding on the ends to protect delicate garments.


If you want to dive in and go full Scandinavian, or play with a light, modern look PROMENADE Coat Rack and Umbrella Stand offers a 2-in-1 solution to entryway.

3. A place to store keys, mail and other miscellaneous items

You know these things are going to end up being left in the entryway, so you might as well plan ahead and provide a place for them to go.  Think outside the box and consider including products meant for other uses to keep your entryway organised.


WEAVE was designed to provide casual photo storage, but doubles as a smart entryway organizer. Just add some S-hooks from your local hardware store and suddenly you have stylish storage for keys, sunglasses and more. Plus, mail and helpful notes for family members can be tucked into the woven pockets.


TRINITY jewellery tray and box provide a great place to keep keys and other small items that might come out of your pockets as you walk in the door.


ESTIQUE key and mail organiser made of natural wood and white perforated metal is tailor made for storing keys and mail.  And, as a bonus it doubles as a great shelf for displaying small plants.   ESTIQUE organiser has 14 hooks that can be used for clothing, scarves, bags or keys. The natural wood spheres at the end of each hook provide a decorative element, but their real function is to protect delicate clothing from tearing on metal hooks.

4. A really stylish umbrella stand

This one doesn't require too much explanation. Fall is rainy. You’re going to need an umbrella, and you'll want somewhere nice to put it, so it doesn't end up simply lying on the floor and making a big mess.


HOLDIT is a minimalist's dream. An umbrella stand stripped down to it's core, with clean lines and a minimal footprint that make it a great addition to any entryway.


HUB umbrella stand comes in black or white with natural wood accents. Who wouldn't want an umbrella stand this good looking!

5. A stand out mirror or some art

OK, this part isn't really about being functional, but we all want to have one last look at ourselves before running out the door. Mirrors in an entryway can also create the illusion of more space making your home a little brighter and more welcoming when you walk in the door.


An over-sized round mirror such as HUB is an easy way to make an impact in your entryway.


The unique shape of the PRISMA mirror makes for an eye catching piece as you walk in the door. Use on it's own or pair with art and favourite photos for a modern gallery wall effect.

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